Social proof: testimonials

Loved the detox program!

Julie, Launch Client

"I had never done a detox program before this. I have made so many positive changes in my lifestyle. I shop differently, focusing on reading labels and buying organic. I eat differently, avoiding soy, dairy and gluten because they change how my body feels."

Lost 12 pounds and have more energy!

Craig, Launch Client

“I did the Restorative Nutrition Detox because my wife suggested that it may help me feel better, honestly I didn't want to do it and was skeptical at the beginning.Initially it was a challenge to alter my eating habits and choices. Cutting out certain things really affected me. But now I can't believe how much it has helped me get on a better path and improve my health. I figured out several food sensitivities that I had, gluten being the main one. Over the course of the program it all got easier. My labs have improved, I am sleeping better and no more sleep apnea, lost 12 pounds and have more energy. This program is a must for anyone struggling to find out why they can't feel better I have learned a lot about health and nutrition. Everyone at Launch My Health couldn't be more helpful and excited to reach healthy choices and habits.